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Multimodal Learning: Multimodal Learning

In this LibGuide you will find free and low-cost tools and resources to help you write papers or read materials in alternative ways.


Information and links in this LibGuide were compiled by:

Robert David Dawson, Ph.D., CRC
Assistant Professor, USC Rehabilitation Counseling Program

Multimodal Learning

What is Multimodal Learning? "Multimodal learning environments allow instructional elements to be presented in more than one sensory mode (visual, aural, written). In turn, materials that are presented in a variety of presentation modes may lead learners to perceive that it is easier to learn and improve attention, thus leading to improved learning performance..." (Sankey, et al 2010).


Select one of these categories below or one of the tabs above:

  • Study Apps: (What are useful free and low cost apps for academic endeavors?)

  • Voice Recognition(What are some of the different types of voice recognition readily systems available?)

  • Text and Web Readers(What are some of the programs and extensions that will let me hear information on the screen?)

  • Screen Readers(What are some of the downloadable screen reading software packages that I may want to investigate?)

  • Accessibility Guides and Tools(What are some of the best ways to enhance accessibility of PDFs, Word docs, and Windows/Mac environments?)

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