Printing FAQ for School of Medicine Students

What is Uniprint?

Uniprint is a printer and photocopier management system.

How do I activate my account?

You will use your SOM ID card (CarolinaCard) as your print card. ALL students will need to do a onetime registration of their SOM ID Card at one of the Bizhub multifunction devices.

How much credit is on my account?

School of Medicine students get a $45.00 credit each semester, per academic year. Un‐used balance of free credits will not carry forward to the next academic year.

How much does printing and photocopying cost?

School of Medicine students are charged $.06 per page for black & white printing/photocopying and $.30 per page for color printing/photocopying. Duplex printing and photocopying count as two pages.

Does it cost anything to scan?

Scanning is free. You will need to swipe your SOM ID or type in your SOM username/password at the copier, but scanning will not deduct any funds from your account. The scanned document will need to be sent to an email account.

How do I print from a computer?

At the Computer:
  • Send a print job to the “B&W Printer” or the “color printer”.
  • When the pop‐up window appears, type your SOM username/password in the first field.
  • Select the “Print” button.
  • Go to the copier. Copiers located in each computer pod will print black/white. If you selected the color printer you must use to copier located in Pod 1 (the pod closest to the circulation desk) to print in color.
At the Copier:
  • Swipe your SOM ID or type in your SOM username/password.
  • Select the print job by highlighting it and press the “Print” button. Pressing the “Print All” button will print all of the jobs without selecting each one.
  • Hit the “Access” button twice to exit or you will be automatically logged off after 30 seconds.
  • Remove your print jobs from the copier.

How do I check my Uniprint balance?

  • Go to either copier.
  • Swipe your SOM ID or type in your SOM username/password.
  • Your balance will be displayed.
  • To exit, hit “ok” and then hit the “access” button twice or you will be automatically logged off after 30 seconds.

How do I add money to my Uniprint account?

If students run out of free credits, they can add money to their Carolinaca$h account. To make a deposit to your CarolinaCa$h account, go to: A minimum of $10.00 and a maximum of $1,000 can be deposited. Deposits must be in increments of $10.00. Payments received will be available to use within five minutes.

Am I charged for two pages for duplex or double‐sided pages?

Double‐sided pages count as two pages for printing and photocopying. Duplex printing incurs the same cost as two pages of simplex or single‐sided printing. The only savings is one less piece of paper.

What happens to print jobs that are sent to the copier, but are never released?

A print request will automatically be removed from the server if it has not been released within 24 hours. You will not be charged for those requests.

Can a job that was sent to the copier be cancelled or stopped?

No. Once a job is selected and released, it cannot be cancelled (print requests can be deleted from the copier before they are released).

Can I print from my laptop?

Laptops that are able to connect to the School of Medicine Microsoft Exchange network can download the Uniprint client software that provides access to the Uniprint system. Please refer to the “Laptop Printing FAQ” ( for files and download instructions.
If you have any problems or questions, please contact Victor Jenkinson by email ( or telephone (803) 216‐3211.

Can I get a refund for a bad print job or photocopy?

We do not give refunds or reimbursements. The only time we make an exception is when there is an equipment failure. You should view the print preview before sending a print job.

Where can I use the Uniprint system?

The Uniprint system can only be used in the SOM Library.

Who do I contact if I have problems using the Uniprint system?

Please contact the staff at the Library Circulation desk at (803) 216‐3200 if you have problems.

What if I have additional questions or concerns about the Uniprint system?

Please contact Karen McMullen by email ( or by phone at (803) 216‐3207. Alternatively, contact Victor Jenkinson by email ( or by phone at (803) 216‐3211.

Revised 2/11/20