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ICARED Rural Primary Care Ultrasound Training: What is provided?

ICARED Rural Primary Care Ultrasound Training


What is provided for program participants?

  • After acceptance, participants will perform an initial consultation with the program director to determine their long term goals and to plan a course of study for them.  Goals should include specific applications of point-of-care ultrasound that the participant would like to incorporate into their practice; options include but are not limited to:  Cardiac, Pulmonary, Abdominal, Renal, Pelvic, Obstetrical, Musculoskeletal, Skin/soft tissue, Vascular (including ankle brachial indices), and procedural guidance.
  • An initial training session will then be planned according to goals and will include a combination of lectures and hands on training at the University of South Carolina Medical School Ultrasound Institute and/or on location at the practitioners' site of practice.   Online training and assessment modules will also be part of the training. 
  • Initial training will also include consultation on developing a business plan tailored to the participant’s practice that will include billing, documentation, workflow, equipment purchasing and maintenance.
  • A certain number of follow up educational exams will need to be performed by the participants according to their goals.  Educational exams will be reviewed by faculty and feedback will be provided.  Educational exam feedback will only be for educational purposes and not for patient management recommendations.  The participants can be loaned a portable ultrasound and/or handheld Doppler to use while performing the educational exams.
  • Educational exams can be directly observed by faculty on location, observed in real time over a teleconference system or reviewed through an online portal where images can be savedUltrasound guidance can help increase the procedures you safely perform in your office including arthrocentesis/joint injection, carpal tunnel injections and peripheral nerve blocks, fine needle aspiration, core needle biopsy, lumbar puncture, paracentesis and thoracentesis.
  • On completion of the course of study and required exams, the participants will be eligible to complete an online examination and be awarded a certificate stating the goals they have achieved and that they have been assessed to be competent to perform the specified ultrasound examinations.