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Episode 9

Season 1, Episode 9: Influences on the Educational Workforce in rural South Carolina

Description: Today we are examining the rural education workforce from a talent-centered perspective with Henry Tran, PhD, Director of the Talented Centered Education Leadership Initiative.

Show Notes:

The Talent Centered Education Leadership Initiative (TCELI) 

Center for Innovation in Higher Education

Best Practices in Creating Employee Engagement 

Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention & Advancement (CERRA)

SC Annual Educator Supply and Demand Reports

National Rural Education Association 

Journal of Education Human Resources

More Article information from Henry Tran, PHD

Tran, H., & Dou, J. (2019). An Exploratory Examination of What Types of Administrative Support Matter for Rural Teacher Talent Management: The Rural Educator PerspectiveEducational Leadership Review, 20(1), 133-149. 

Tran, H. & Smith, D. (2020). What Matters most for Recruiting Teachers to Rural Hard-to-Staff Districts: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Employment Related ConditionsAmerican Journal of Education. In Press. 

Tran, H., Hardie, S., Gause, S., Moyi, P., & Ylimaki. (2020). Leveraging the Perspectives of Rural Educators to Develop Realistic Job Previews for Rural teacher Recruitment and Retention. Rural Educator. In press.

Tran, H., Smith, D., & Fox, E. (2018). The Perspectives of Potential and Current Rural Teachers for Rural Teacher Recruitment and Retention in South Carolina. University of South Carolina’s Center for Innovation in Education Report.

Tran, H., & Smith, D. (2019). Insufficient money and inadequate respect: What obstructs the recruitment of college students to teach in hard-to-staff schoolsJournal of Educational Administration57(2), 152-166.

Harrison, T., & Tran, H. (2020). How Can Higher Education Engage with Rural Communities to Address Teacher Shortages? In Tran, H., Smith, D., & Buckman, D. (Eds.), Stake Holder Engagement: Improving Education through Multi-Level Community Relations. Maryland: Rowman and Little Field.

Episode 8

Podcast Season 1, Episode 8: Food Access in Rural South Carolina 

Description: Today we are discussing healthy food access in Rural South Carolina with Food Share SC Co-Founder, Beverly Wilson, and outreach coordinator, Gabriel Wilhelm. 

Show Notes:

Learn about Food Share SC and their various program offerings and opportunities to volunteer here  

SC Office of Rural Health Annual Conference  

Clemson Cooperative Extension  

Orangeburg County Library  

SC Rural Health Action Plan 

Episode 7

Podcast Season 1, Episode 7: Supporting the Healthcare Workforce in rural South Carolina

Description: Today we are speaking with the Executive Director of the South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium (SC AHEC),  Ann Lefebvre, MSW, about building and supporting a robust healthcare workforce in rural and underserved South Carolina.

Show Notes:

South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

National Student Clearinghouse -

SC Office for Healthcare Workforce -

Health Professional Shortage Area

Episode 6

Podcast Season 1, Episode 6: Oral Health in Rural South Carolina

Today we are discussing oral health in rural SC with Dr. Amy Martin, professor and director of the Division of Population Oral Health at the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina.

MUSC Division of Population Oral Health

American Dental Association

Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas

SC Office of Rural Health Revolving Loan Fund

DHEC Division of Oral Health

South Carolina Dental Association

Ryan White Dental Programs

Duke Endowment Carolinas Oral Health Initiative

HPV and Oral Health

Episode 4

Podcast Season 1, Episode 4: Power of Community through Arts, Culture, and Education in Bamberg County

Today we are speaking to Yvette McDaniel, PhD, a soprano, arts educator, advocate, and choir director at Denmark Technical College.

Learn more about opportunities at Denmark Technical College

WJBF – CRAWL’s Winter Wonderland

WACH – DTC Choir

T&D – Future Health Professionals Conference

YouTube – Public Transformation: Denmark

YouTube – CRAWL Christmas Creation

Denmark Technical College invites you to celebrate their Homecoming Week on January 26 – February 1

Episode 3

Podcast Season 1, Episode 3: Social Determinants of Health in Rural SC

Today we are discussing social determinants of health and rural disparities research with Jan Probst, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emerita at the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health and Director Emerita of the Rural and Minority Health Research Center.

Show Notes:

Rural and Minority Health Research Center

Journal Article: Structural Urbanism Contributes to Poorer Health Outcomes for Rural America

Journal Article: Declines in Pediatric Mortality Fall Short for Rural US Children

Analysis: Disparities in Rural Child Mortality Rates Persist Despite Improvements

Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant

Child Access Prevention Laws for Guns

Corridor of Shame

American Medical Informatics Association

ArtFields in Lake City, SC

Rural Health Information Hub (RHIhub)

Federal Office of Rural Health Policy

Episode 2

Podcast Season 1, Episode 2:

Today we are discussing primary care in rural South Carolina with Chuck Carter, MD, Director of the SC Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare.

Show notes:

SC Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare

Rural Residency Programs

Heirs of General Practice by John McPhee

Rural Incentive Programs:


SC Rural Practice Loan Forgiveness Program

National Health Service Corps

Episode 1

Podcast Season 1, Episode 1: What is Rural, Anyway?

Today Kevin and Alanti travel down the ultimate rabbit hole with attempting to answer the age-old question: What is Rural, Anyway? There’s a pop-quiz…

Show Notes:

2010 Census Tract Reference Maps

Walmart Closure in Winnsboro, SC

Fairfield County Hospital Closure

Rural Definition Resources:

Metropolitan and Micropolitan

Rural-Urban Commuting Area Codes (RUCA)

How Does the Census Bureau Define Rural?

Health Resources and Service Administration List of Rural Counties

USDA National Agricultural Library

Rural Health Information Hub


Podcast Season 1, Teaser Episode: Introducing the Growing Rural Podcast

Introducing the Growing Rural Podcast where we discuss all things rural.  Hosts, Kevin Bennett and Alanti McGill give you a quick preview of the focus of this podcast to discuss, examine, and explore the rural health landscape in South Carolina.


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