24-Hour Library Access Policy

Library patrons who wish to have 24-hour access to the library must abide by the rules and regulations stated here or all privileges will be revoked.

24-hour access is granted to: Medical students, School of Medicine Graduate students, School of Medicine Faculty, Staff, Residents, and Fellows of the School of Medicine. 

Rules and Regulations

 At closing time, a Library employee or Security Guard will walk the floors to check for valid student IDs. All those wishing to remain in the Library after closing MUST show their student ID to the Library employee or Security Guard. Any person refusing to show his/her ID must leave the Library immediately. 

• Only the owner of the card may use the card for access. It must not be loaned to another individual.

• The cardholder CANNOT, under any circumstances, allow others access to the library after hours.

• Do NOT move library furniture or equipment.

• Do NOT use computers or offices belonging to library staff.

• Cell phones and pagers should be set on non-audible signals. Cell phone calls may be received or made in the library foyer area or in the stairwell.

• Respect other library users and make an effort to be quiet.

• To check out materials after hours please complete the online Self-Checkout Form.

• Please help keep our library clean by disposing of trash/recyclables in the proper receptacles.


December 22, 2009