Accessing Full Text

A black Find Full Text @ USC School of Medicine Library icon appears next to every full citation record in PubMed regardless of whether full text is available. 

Select the Find Full Text @ USC School of Medicine Library icon to search for full text access.  This icon will automatically search our e-journals database for you.

Example of Find Full Text @ USC SOM Library icon in PubMed


Avoid using the Free full text and Full text filters on the Filters sidebar.

The Free full text filter narrows your results to only freely available articles (that the general public has access to) and does not include all of the journals the Library purchases.

The Full text filter will narrow your results to articles that are available from publishers electronically, but the Library may not provide access to it, so you may be prompted to purchase it.


PubMed Text Availability Filters


Sorting Results

By default, PubMed sorts your results by Best Match, based on relevancy.

Best Match sorting option

PubMed sorting options






A PMID is the unique identifier number assigned to articles in PubMed. It is listed near the end of a citation.

Here's an example:

Arrow pointing to location of PMID number in a PubMed record

If you know the PMID for an article, you can enter the PMID in the PubMed search box to quickly access the article record.

Example of doing a PMID search in PubMed

PubMed Search Details

PubMed Article Type Filters

Finding Similar Articles in PubMed

MeSH Database

The PubMed Cite Button