After Hours Fire Alarms Procedures

School of Medicine Library
Fire Alarm Procedures (After-Hours)

1. Use the nearest Pull-Down Alarm to notify the Fire Department.
2. If the fire is large or uncontrollable, leave the Library immediately via the closest (and safest) exit.
3. If you are not in immediate danger, quickly notify library patrons on the first and second floors that they need to evacuate the building via the closest exit.
4. Do NOT use the elevators. Disabled persons should be helped into the nearest stairwell. They should remain there with all fire doors closed until rescue personnel arrive.
5. From a safe area, call 9-1-1 and give emergency personnel all necessary information:

  • Location of fire (building, room, etc.)
  • Address: USC School of Medicine Library, 6311 Garner’s Ferry Road, Building 101.
  • Telephone number from which you are calling
  • Any other pertinent information
  • Stay near the telephone (if it’s in a safe area) in case additional information is needed

February 14, 2022