How to register your SOM ID Card (Carolina Card) for printing

All NEW SOM students will need to do a one-time registration of their SOM ID Card (Carolina Card) at one of the Bizhub multifunction devices.

Step 1

  • Swipe your SOM ID. You MUST SWIPE your card to register.
  • DO NOT type in your username on this screen.

Swiping ID in Bizhub

Step 2

  • Once you have swiped your SOM ID, you will need to type in your SOM network username/password on this screen.
  • Use the "shift" button on the screen for CAPITALIZATION and special characters (*, ! , @, #, %) .
  • PLEASE NOTE:  You must tap the shift button to "unshift".

Bizhub Login Screen

Step 3

Your account is now active.

Bizhub account screen