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Find It @ UofSC Libraries Project: Overview

Describes the changes to searching for resources at the SOM LIbrary and the statewide library systems.


Change has come to library search effective June 2020. As part of a statewide initiative, UofSC Libraries has adopted the Alma shared library services platform and accompanying Primo discovery solution, software in use by more than 1,000 academic libraries around the globe.

What does this mean for faculty, staff and students?

  • You still have access to the same resources. Those have not changed. But…
  • It is easier to find the resources you need, including materials from academic libraries around the state.
  • There will be a period of transition in which searchers may experience a loss of functionality. Please be patient during Summer 2020 while we work out all the kinks!

Why did we do this?

  • Most importantly, we believe this project is an opportunity to provide better service to all of you, our patrons.
  • The migration is a joint project of the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries (PASCAL), supported by lottery funds. A single, shared system presents substantial cost-saving and unmatched opportunities for collaboration among PASCAL institutions.
  • Alma offers greatly improved functionality for Libraries staff.
  • The "old" software had not been actively developed in more than a decade. For this reason alone, we felt we must change course.

Questions? Email Laura Kane