Current Awareness Tools (Staying up-to-date)

PubMed: My NCBI

Use My NCBI to save searches, create search alerts for new content, and choose filters to apply to search results.

How to log in to My NCBI using your USC network credentials:

  • Select Log In in upper right corner of PubMed homepage.
  • Select the more login options box.
  • Search for University of South Carolina.
  • When you select University of South Carolina, a USC network login box appears. 
  • Enter your main campus network credentials, not your SOM network credentials.

To create a search alert: 

  • Log in to My NCBI. 
  • Run a search in PubMed. 
  • Click on the "Create alert" link below the search box. 
  • Name your search and make sure the box is selected that "yes" you want to receive email updates of new search results. 
  • Select the the maximum number of citations you want to receive, how frequently you want PubMed to run your search, etc. 
  • Click "Save." 
  • You will begin to receive emails with links to new citations that match your search criteria.