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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Service and Support

This guide provides a range of resources on the topic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Dorn VA Mental Health Services

South Carolina Services

Service Dogs

 Service and Emotional Support Dogs

According to the National Center for PTSD's "Dogs and PTSD" webpage, there is not enough clinical research to know for sure if dogs can help those with PTSD. However, many people who suffer from PTSD find that service dogs and emotional support dogs can help Service dogalleviate their PTSD symptoms.

There are two types of dogs that can help with PTSD:

Service dogs are dogs that are trained to help their owner with a specific disability. For example, dogs can be trained to pick things up, visually guide those with visual impairments, remind you to take medication, or help those with poor balance.​

  • Service dogs can go to public places with their owners, even places that dogs are not usually allowed to go like airplanes or restaurants.

Emotional Support Dogs are dogs that do not have special training, but can provide emotional comfort and companionship for their owners. Often, regular pets can be emotional support dogs if a mental health provider writes a letter recognizing the owner has a mental health problem and needs the dog's emotional support.

  • Excepting special permission, emotional support dogs do not have the special permissions service dogs have to go into public places with their owners.


Veterans Crisis Line

Call the Veterans Crisis Line if you are in crisis or are concerned about a loved one:


Visit the Veterans Crisis Line website HERE for Online Chat, Text options, and support for deaf and hard of hearing


Local Retreat Venue

Located in Blythewood, SC, The Big Red Barn Retreat is a center for active duty or Veterans and their families. They offer Meditative Yoga, Healing Art, Equine Assistive Therapy, a Healing Garden, and more.


Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps from the National Center for PTSD: 

"Our mobile applications (apps) provide self-help, education and support following trauma. We also have treatment companion apps, for use with a health care provider, to make treatment easier. There are apps for iOS and Android devices.

PTSD is a serious mental health condition that often needs professional evaluation and treatment. These apps are not intended to replace needed professional care."

(CLICK the link below):