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Humanities in Medicine: Visual Arts (Painting and Sculpture)

This guide is a collection of resources related to medical humanities.

Visual Arts - PAINTING and DRAWING

Edvard Munch. Death and the Child (1899).

Edvard Munch. The Sick Child (1907).

Ferdinand Hodler. Valentine (1914).

Leonardo da Vinci. Vitruvian Man (1490).

Sir Luke Fildes. The Doctor (1891).

Thomas Eakins. The Gross Clinic (1875).

Theodor Galle. Medicine.  Engraving (1590).

Henri Gervex. Autopsy at the Hotel Dieu (1876).

Alchemic approach to four humors in relation to the four elements and zodiacal signs. Book illustration in “Quinta Essentia” by Leonhart Thurneisser zum Thurn (gen. Leonhard Thurneysser). 1574.

Visual Arts - SCULPTURE


Staff and serpent of Asclepius. Foundations of Tiber Island (site of the Temple of Asclepius in ancient Rome).

Michelangelo. Davide (1501-1504).