University of South Carolina's Memmys Video Competition

Message from Memmys Committee

The University of South Carolina School of Medicine regrets to announce that THE ANNUAL MEMMYS must again be suspended this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will look forward to holding the contest in the near future and receiving submissions from students at that time.

As in the past, if any students produce a video this year,  we would welcome its submission next year as part of the competition.

Please feel free to contact us with questions.

We hope for the best for you and all of your students in these very difficult times.


Memmys Committee



For years now, students in various medical fields have produced wonderful music videos that are as insightful as they are hilarious.  By combining popular songs and student experiences, the videos give a glimpse into the often challenging but ultimately rewarding lives of students in the health profession. More than being a catalog of inside jokes, however, they represent a platform for creativity and an opportunity for students to showcase talents beyond academic achievements.

Since 2013, the University of South Carolina School of Medicine has recognized schools whose students have created the very best videos.  Each year, three schools selected by a panel of judges will receive a Memmys award for display and their health sciences library will receive a monetary prize. All health professions schools are eligible to participate.