University of South Carolina's Memmys Video Competition

Judging & Prizes

The top five videos will be selected by media specialists and medical students at the University of South Carolina based on originality (lyrics, setting, costumes, etc.), production value (sound quality, video quality, effects, subtitles), content and talent (vocal, acting, choreography, etc.). The University of South Carolina is not eligible to compete for the Memmys award.

From the top five videos, the celebrity panel will select the first place, second place and third place winners. 

About the PREVIOUS Celebrity Judges:


Kwame Dawes
In 2009, Dawes won an Emmy Award in the category of New Approaches to News & Documentary Programming: Arts, Lifestyle & Culture.[8] His project, interspersed with poetry, photography by Andre Lambertson, and music by Kevin Simmonds,
documented HIV/AIDS in Jamaica. The website "" is the culmination of his project.[9][10] He is director of the Calabash International Literary Festival, a yearly event in Jamaica.[11]

Charles Bierbauer

Charles Bierbauer joined the University of South Carolina College of Information and Communications as dean in 2002 after a more than 30-year career in journalism. He stepped down as dean July 31, 2017, and is now retired. Bierbauer is the host of SCETV’s weekly public affairs show, "This Week in South Carolina."

Bierbauer has lived in seven other countries and reported from scores. He received a 1996 news and documentary Emmy for CNN coverage of the Olympic Park bombing. 


The Top 3 winners will receive a a plaque for institution display. The Top 3 winners will also receive monetary awards for their libraries:

First Place: $1500

Second Place: $1000

Third Place: $500