SOM Library Tutorials A-Z

Access Medicine. (Revised 6/23) Transcript (MS Word)
Accessing E-Journals. (Revised 7/20) Transcript (MS Word)
Accessing Library E-Resources. (5/22) Transcript (MS Word)
Accessing Full Text in PubMed. (Revised 9/20) Transcript (MS Word)
Accessing Full Text in Ovid Medline. (Revised 9/20) Transcript (MS Word)
Adding ClinicalKey Images to PowerPoint. (10/21)
        Handout (MS Word)
Answering Clinical Questions: Choosing an Evidence-Based Resource
Canva for Academic Presentations and Posters. (8/22)
Center for Disability Resources (CDR) Library Tutorial. (Revised 9/20) Transcript (MS Word)
ClinicalKey. (Revised 10/21) Transcript (MS Word)
Creating Large Format Posters Using PowerPoint. (PDF)(8/16)
Creating Ovid AutoAlerts. (Revised 1/21) Transcript (MS Word)
Embase Quick Search (3/22)
Embase PICO Search (5/20)
Evidence-Based Medicine Resources Tutorial. (Revised 4/23)
EBM Limits in Ovid Medline. (Revised 8/20)
EndNote videos. (Revised 7/20)  
Faculty - Library Orientation. (Revised 10/22)
Find It @ USC Libraries. (Revised 3/23)
Has this article been cited? (Searching Google Scholar). (Revised 1/21) Transcript (Word) 
InfoAble Portal. (9/20) Transcript (MS Word)
        Handout (PDF)
Journal Impact Factors. (Revised 2/22) Transcript (Word)      

Library Catalog. (7/20)
M-I Orientation Tutorial 2023. (Revised 7/23)
Micromedex. (Revised 1/20) Transcript (MS Word)
Nurse Anesthesia Orientation Tutorial 2023. School of Medicine Library. (4/23)
Online Financial Aid Information Resources. (Revised 6/20) Transcript (MS Word)
        Handout (PDF)
Ovid MEDLINE Search Features. (Revised 8/20) Transcript (MS Word)
PubMed: Article Type Filters. (5/20)
PubMed: Clinical Queries. (8/21) Transcript (MS Word)
The PubMed Cite Button. (5/20)
PubMed: Finding Similar Articles. (5/20)
PubMed: Search Details and the Advanced Search Screen. (5/20)
PubMed Single Citation Matcher. (Revised 4/21) Transcript (MS Word)
PubMed: Using the MeSH Database. (5/20)
R2 Library Tutorial. (Revised 1/20) Transcript (MS Word)
Tips for Effective Literature Searching in the Health Sciences Handout. (PDF) (8/13)

Web of Science: Sorting by citation count. (8/21)