Exporting citations from PubMed

Exporting citations from PubMed

  1. Run your search in PubMed
  2. Select the check box next to the citations that you want to add to EndNote, then click the Send to button and choose Citation Manager.  (If you do not select any citations, it will export all of the search results.)
  3. Click Create File.
  4. When the Save dialog box comes up for you to save the file to your computer, click the Save button and save the file somewhere easily accessible such as your desktop.

Exporting citations from PubMed


Exporting Citations From PubMed Video

Importing citations from PubMed

Importing the PubMed file into EndNote Online

  1. Login to your EndNote Online account.
  2. Select Collect and then choose Import References.
  3. Choose the file that you just saved from PubMed.
  4. For the import option, scroll to "P" and select PubMed (NLM).
  5. Select the group (folder) you want to add the references to and click Import.

Importing PubMed citations to EndNote Online

Importing Citations From PubMed Video