What is EndNote?

EndNote is a citation management and bibliography-creation tool.

Using EndNote, you can:

  • add citations for journal articles, books, web pages, etc. to your library
  • download citations from databases like PubMed
  • format citations into bibliographies using your preferred bibliographic style
  • organize your references into folders or groups
  • share your citations with others

EndNote includes Cite While You Write, a plug-in you can use to insert references from your library and format a bibliography while you write in Microsoft Word.

EndNote Variations

There are three versions of EndNote:

  • EndNote Online (freely available basic version)
  • Endnote Online through Web of Science (available for UofSC)
  • EndNote Online/Desktop (purchase required)

​All UofSC School of Medicine faculty, staff, and students have access to EndNote Online through the Library's Web of Science subscription. With EndNote Online, your citations are stored in the cloud rather than on your desktop. 

Two advantages of the EndNote Online access through Web of Science are:

  • It offers hundreds of more citation style options than the EndNote Online that is freely available to anyone.
  • Our Find It Check for Full Text button automatically shows up next to your stored citations, so you can easily link to access full text (instead of downloading PDFs and storing them).

UofSC does not have an institutional subscription to EndNote Online/Desktop. However, UofSC has registered with the online retailer, On the Hub.  On the Hub offers discounted pricing for various applications, including Academic discounts for the full version of EndNote.  To access this discount, simply visit estore.onthehub.com, click register on the top right, then do so using your UofSC email address (“@mailbox.sc.edu”).